OPML Test to Techrant

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Just testing again the OPML editor’s ability to post to my other WP.com site

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image test again

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my view while smoking @ work on TwitPic

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Image test #3

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Used the code img scr=”url” / >

Hope this works

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Testing blogger and Raven

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Well I am going to test the blogger posting capabilities of Zoundry Raven by posting to my bloggger blog here.While doing that I thought I would try to crosspost to my TechRant WordPress site.

Well lets see how the images do:

Ok it wasn’t that easy to post an image from flickr, lets try uploading one:Monkey.jpg

Thats easy. anyway I think thats enough of this for now…

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Testing the Zoundry Raven Blog editor

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Well here we are testing a blog editor that claims to be portable. We will see…I’m just making sure I can post here…I will also try to play with some of the other options…

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New going on in my life.

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Well it’s been a while since I last posted here so I think I will try and bring this site back to life.

To start off I have to applaud Google’s additions to it’s Book Search. I really love the add it to my Library feature. That way you can keep track of all the books you have read or own. One drawback with using Google Book Search’s “my Library” feature is the way they allow you to import multiple books by adding the books ISBNs. When you import multiple books using the ISBN and Google has a problem with that ISBN or can’t find it, it doesn’t tell you which book failed to be added to your library, it just tells you “X number” of books imported.

A few things that have impressed me with Google Book Search’s “my Library” is the ability to tag each book(which is great for main characters), the “about this book” feature gives you plenty of information about the book such as:

  1. Popular Passages
  2. Summary of Book
  3. Publishing Info
  4. User generated Reviews of the book
  5. Uses Google’s Maps to map out all place within the book.

Just to name a few things, also Google has a full/partial/snippet view of books, depending on its permission’s.

With Google’s foray into the books I thought I would bring up a site I used to use all the time its called LibraryThing. Here is their own explantion of what LibraryThing is:

LibraryThing is an online service to help people catalog their books easily. You can access your catalog from anywhere—even on your mobile phone. Because everyone catalogs together, LibraryThing also connects people with the same books, comes up with suggestions for what to read next, and so forth.

I’m not ready to go into LT too deeply but to say it is extremely easy to use, and a good site. However if LibraryThing and Google Book Search can combine their sites, I think you would have an outstanding Book site. Just my opinion there folks.

Here is the feed for my library from Google.

This is my LibraryThing catalog of books, and this is my feed for recently added books in LibraryThing.

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Just another quick update

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I have seen the comments left by a few of you, and to let you all know I have put my search for a new phone/ blackberry on hold for a while. Work has been a bear, and I haven’t had time to research everything yet, heck I haven’t had time to post here in a while. So as soon as I renew my search I will update that series of articles. Hopefully I can find a few more rants and opinions to post here. While you wait you can always head over to my Space Photos site and enjoy the pictures

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Looking to replace my old Cell Phone.

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This will be an ongoing series of posts while I try to figure out what my next phone will be. Being the true Geek that I am, I automatically thought about getting a BlackBerry. You know why, so I surf, get emails, IM, and everything else while on the run. So I head on over to Research In Motion‘s website to get a look at all the BlackBerries available right now. So after a little searching I looked into the 8700 series, which they have 2 models of. One of them works with Cingular the 8700c and its cousin 8700g which has a major cell company of T-Mobile.


So after comparing the 2 of them I noticed they had nearly identical Spec’s. So it was time to do the ultimate comparing, checked with Cingular, and checked with T-Mobile to see what Plans were offered and what they were selling for. The prices as I am writing this are the same $299.99, however the 8700g has a $50 mail in rebate, so really it will be $349.99, both units had an instant rebate of $50.

Now on to the plans, I don’t use my phone all that much, only to check in, call for pizza, or call in sick, so a plan with 400-600 minutes should be plenty for me, plus I use skype alot also. So over at T-Mobile they had 3 plans for BlackBerry internet service and Phone, well actually 2 because one of the plans was just internet access. One plan called BlackBerry Minutes & Mail with 1000 anytime minutes was $59.99 a month with:

  • Unlimited e-mail
  • Unlimited Web browsing
  • Text messaging
  • No nationwide long-distance or roaming charges

But no nights or weekend minutes. They also had what they call
BlackBerry Minutes & Mail Ultra with 1500 anytime minutes for $79.99 a month and that includes the same as the previous plan.

Now lets head on over to the Cingular site and see what they are offering me in my area. Cingular allows you to customize your own plan, to fit your needs, so that what I did. Well I went with 900 anytime minutes with unlimited nights and weekends and rollover minutes which was $59.99 a month, then I added the BlackBerry Internet Service plan which offers unlimited Email and Internet for $29.99/month. Cingular was pushing their web storage, for emails, I didn’t need that since I should be able to check my own email without storing it with them. I chose the messaging extreme service which will give me up to 3000 messages. The thing is Cingular considers text messages and IM messages the same thing. So thats an extra $19.99 a month. Weird thing is with Cingular you have to pay for Enhanced Voice Mail which is $1.99 a month, where T-Mobile it was included for free. So the total Monthly cost with Cingular is $91.97

So if I were to chose right now it looks like T-Mobile is better, and cheaper. So this concludes part one of this series. So far it looks like I am leaning towards the 8700g with T-Mobile. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated

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Google Ads on Netscape.com?

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Well I was over at Netscape, reading comments when a strange thing happened I noticed an advertisement. This doesn’t happen very often since I have learned to ignore them over the hundreds of hours I spend surfing. The strange thing was that it was a Google ads box on Netscape.

The thing is why Google ads? Doesn’t Netscape, which is owned by AOL, compete with Google in most places? A few things popped into my head about this, is this a small step towards Google and AOL working together? Maybe, and it might help AOL in the long run if that happens. Another thought was this could be the way Jason Calacanis would pay the submitters $1000 dollars a month. Just run Google ads, shove the money they make into an account and pay the submitters from that Account.

It’s just odd to see a large company like AOL supportand promote a competitors product.

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A Terrifying Message from Al Gore….

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A Terrifying Message from Al Gore….


View on Grouper.com Add to WordPress Blog

Found this over on Grouper.com plus I wanted to test the post to WP.com blogs
Add a video comment to this video

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