Browster Update

Posted on July 1, 2006. Filed under: Reviews |

Unfortunately I had to uninstall the Browster plugin, since using it had become very annoying when trying to click a link that are close to another link. I might reinstall it again if they include a way to turn off Browster for a certain page. Ads by

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Browster, A way to Preview links

Posted on June 29, 2006. Filed under: Reviews |

Tom Morris’s website pointed me over to Browster, and I thought it was an interesting idea, so I downloaded the Firefox extension and gave it a try. After it was installed, I started my normal web surfing, low and behold the extension was working. What Browster does do? Well it gives the user a preview of the webpage that was linked in a story, article, or post.

This was interesting to me since my other website, gets a ton of spam comments, with webpages attached to the profile, so with Browster all I have to do is mouse over the link, then a smal box pops up and I just have to mouse over that box, and it previews the web page linked. I was plesantly surprised that Browster worked with Google Reader, Google’s online feed reader. It’s a nice little application, it’s a program worth keeping an eye on.

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Do Television Companies Understand the “New” Web?

Posted on June 20, 2006. Filed under: Reviews |

That should be the question they should be asking themselves. While technology evolves the TV Companies need to also. With Over the Air(OTA) High Definition(HD) broadcasts of network shows almost available everywhere, anyone can record HD broadcasts, and create their own On Demand system. They can even go to most of the Peer2Peer(P2P) services and download the episodes. So what are the Big 4(ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX) doing? Well I will go over it with you.

CBS has a few offerings available to fans, one way to access CBS content is via iTunes, where you will pay $1.99 per episode for CSI, CSI:New York, CSI:Miami, NCIS, Survivor, and Numb3rs. Which someone could record the same episodes, by using a digital antenna and a DVR or HD Tv Tuner card in their PC, which would save the $47.76 for 24 episodes of NCIS. For those soap opera and Big Brother fans out there, CBS offers you 6 different podcasts to cover your needs with their Netcast page. CBS also has a site called Innertube, where they offer limited original content and clips of popular shows. In my opinon, most of this is not really needed, however some people may like the Netcast info, or some people may like shelling out almost fifty dollars a season for popular shows. The ability to view the clips and Innertube are pretty straight forward and most people should not have a problem navigating their website.

NBC offers their popular shows on iTunes also. Shows such as Law and Order, The Office, The Apprentice and the Tonight Show just to name a few. NBC offers what they call Vintage NBC, where they offer classic NBC shows like the A-Team, and Knight Rider. To go along with their iTunes offerings, NBC offers short video clips of their shows. In my opinion, NBC doesn't offer much, it rough to pull up any of their videos from their website, and that should be streamlined.

Fox offers 4 current television series on iTunes, such as 24, Prison Break, and Stacked, Fox also offers classic shows such as Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A couple of strange omissions are the television shows called House and Family Guy, I thought they were pretty popular shows, it is a bit strange to be left off the iTunes list but oh well. Fox does offer the generic clips of their shows which in my opinion aren't very important. Like CBS, Fox offers podcasts about their shows, they call it Foxcast. They off a large selection of podcasts for their shows, while I did try to listen to some of the podcasts, I wasn't very impressed, but show fans may be interested in them.

ABC also has offerings on iTunes, from their popular series like Desperate Housewives, Lost, and Alias. ABC also offers shows from their sports division, and something I found kind of nostalgic, the old School House Rock shows. Still for those who want to purchase the episodes have at it. ABC actually offers full episodes for free on their website. You have to sit through what ABC calls limited commercials but you get to watch the full episode. As of this writing, ABC was offering the full seasons of Alias and Commander in Chief, with 5 episodes of Desperate Housewives and Lost, respectively. I'm sure there is a way to record these episodes since they are just viewed in a flash player, but I won't go there. ABC also offer a few official podcast of their shows in their download section.

After pulling up the networks websites and trying out their videos and podcasts, I do have to say that ABC has the best idea for their free videos with their limited commercials, episodes, while NBC probably has the worst website out of the 4. I really think the networks should be offering their series in an On Demand format, kind of like what ABC does right now, I know I won't get them for free and without commercials, but it would be nice, and the RSS feeds of Bit torrents of almost every single television show out there allows me to create my own On Demand format. That way of doing On Demand might not be legal, but if I had a way to watch series legally, even with commercials, I would do that. I usually work nights or second shift so my Prime Time viewing time is limited, I usually miss alot of episodes and would like to be able to view the episodes at my own pace. I hope this litte review, helps point some of you out there in the right direction.

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Netscape Throws it’s Web 2.0 Hat in the Ring

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NetscapeWell, launched their entry into the world of Web 2.0 by introducing the web to According to Jason Calacanis, member of the AOL team working on the "new" Netscape, the beta version of Netscape is a "meta-journalism" (or social journalism) site. Now those are definitely Web 2.0 terms, my take on the definition of those terms is that they are allowing their users to determine their content. Haven't we heard about this type of site Diggbefore? I have and it's called Digg, and I'm not the only one. So instead of comparing the 2 websites, I'm just going to review the Netscape site.

First thing I noticed when I visited the site for the first time, was how busy the front page was. I'm not saying it's annoying, but not only listing the top 25 headlines, Netscape has included ads, a feature called Netscape's Anchors Recommend, a tag cloud, and a category list(which they call channels).

The first question I ask myself when visiting a new website, "Why do I want to come here?" For the Beta site, I think it is a good place to go to see what other people are interested in. You might find an article on a website you have never even heard of. This is not just a technology related site, although in the beginning it will lean that way until the normal internet users find it. For me, I enjoy sites that will expand my view of the internet, which in turn expands my knowledge base and maybe even my base of friends.

The next question I usually ask,"How easy is it to use?" Well Beta is pretty easy to use, once you log in, if you find a link you like all you need to do is click the vote link, to let people know you liked the link, and that could be it if you'd like. Thats pretty easy, but thats not all, lets say you find this article interesting and want to share it, you could "Submit a Story". You just click the link that says Submit a Story and it will take you to another page, where you enter the applicable information such as URL, Tile, and Description. That's not too hard, and wham! You added a story.

Now that you can vote and submit articles, what else is there? Let's say you noticed that someone has been submitting articles that you enjoy, you can add them to your friends list. Which means you can keep track of their submissions, which is nice if you find someone who has similar interests as you. One little feature I really like is when you leave the Beta site to read the orginal article Netscape adds a frame to the website, which allows you to vote on the article while you read it, it also shows 8 other submissions in the same Channel. You can also view the other stories without returning back to the main site. I really think this is a real good feature that will save the users time.

So based off all that, I say this could be an interesting site to keep an eye on. I also think that their friends list could be expanded, so not only can you follow a users submissions, but you could contact them via AIM, should both users choose this feature. I have suggested it, since AOL owns both Netscape and AIM, and I actually got a response to my suggestion, and to my surprise it was not a generic form email, thanking me for my suggestion. I really think someone sat down and typed a reply. That's kind of nice nowadays.

Now on to the hard subject, as I stated earlier Netscape Beta is very similar to Digg. I also covered Digg's expansion with it's next version, supposed to be out in 3 weeks. Will the Digg fanboys/girls out there let Netscape run it's own site, without trolling the beta site causing trouble? I doubt it, the latest and greatest users of Digg are not the most mature people on the face of the earth. It will be interesting how this will play out. For now I think I will continue to go to the "New" Netscape.

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Centralized Operating Systems?

Posted on June 9, 2006. Filed under: Reviews |

YouOS, a web operating system, which allows you to run a wide range of applications via a web browser. Applications that range from Instant Messengers to MP3 players to Word Processors, Right now YouOS is a very early release, just so the developers can show off their work. The program is based off of JavaScript, so people can try and develop addtional applications for YouOS.

Most of the applications are very limited, due to its early version, their default email application will only send and receive emails to other YouOS users, their default Instant Messenger is the same way. There are other applications that do contact outside messenger services and web services.

It’s still too early to do a full review since most of the applications are limited. However this program has gotten me to think of all the possibilities for future use. Could we be using this type of application, to have an operating system that follows you from computer to computer? Thats a possibility, what about a business, where the business could have all their employees work using this type of centralized operating system, would it save money? Most likely. What other products could run this? Cell Phones, televisions, and even portable gaming systems, like the Nintendo DS. I could see a program like this that will allow people to map a "hard drive" into it, where a person could use their webserver as a hard drive to save personal data. A downside of this type of program is security. All a person would have to do is gain access to the database and this person would have access to the files of all users.

YouOS is not ready for prime time as of right now but it could be something to keep an eye on. Could Google be working on something like this? Google already has an Email program, notebook, instant messenger, spreadsheet application, calendar, photo oragnizer, RSS reader, a desktop search, and now a Google Browser Sync, there are plenty of applications now all Google has to do is wrap them all up under one program.

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Qumana and Adgenta Quick Review

Posted on June 7, 2006. Filed under: Reviews |

In my never ending quest to find new or different programs to use, I ran across the Qumana's Desktop Blog Editior. The Editor, is supposed toClick here for Qumana make life easier to bloggers around the world, by making the graphic interface standard for users. The Blog Manager as Quamana calls it allows you to post to multiple blogs. This works well in my limited useage so far. I have posted to my Space Photos blog, and this blog with Qumana's Blog Editor, with no problems so far.

Now what makes this progam so good to use? Qumana's Editor has all the normal word processing items such as blockquotes, bold, underline, along with the ability to isrt pictures and links. Nothing special there right? Right, the editor allows you to view the source of the post, select categories, publish it, or save it as a draft. The category sidebar is nice, unless you have hundreds of categories like I do over at Space Photos, I have the categories sorted, and Qumana did not pick those up but listed all categories alphabetically, which was rough but it worked.

A few things I did enjoy seeing, is the Inset Tags button at the top of the post form, you can click the button and input you tags or keywords, and the editor insets the tags into the post already linked to Which is nice, I have not yet found a way to edit that button to include other tagging services other than changing the source.One feature that is also nice, a spell check, we all know how that works so I won't go further into it. Another item I am interested in was the Insert Ad button, by clicking this button the editor insets a Adgenta ad, which is called Q-Ads.

Q-Ads are png-based ads that are dynamically served and created, which means they are dynamic images, which gets around the limit on JavaScripts. I haven't seen much of it yet, but it seems interesting, and I will try it out and see if I get any hits.Adgenta pays out monthly at $20 USD. So once you get 20 bucks in a month they will send you either a check or send it to your Paypal account. That's a nice little bonus, I wish yahoo and google would offer the same choices, check or Paypal. I will update you all further on this.

With the Qumana Editor, when you install it, it also installs a feature they call a drop-pad, where you can highlight and drag links and images into it and then publish it as a post, I will try this feature out later with this blog, it may not be tech related but it will be interesting.

So to sum things up, the editor seems to work well, I'll update everyone with what I think in a couple of weeks, while I use it to post here and at my other site. If you're interested, go ahead and give it a try.

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