Well I guess I rattled some cages

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I went into the wordpress.com forums last night, and answered a question about ads on a wordpress.com blog. Saying that it is possible to add ads on these blogs. I never gave this sites URL, or even stated the company that does the adverts. Now technically it’s not illegal to post the ads I have been using, no where does it say no ads. I read through the Terms of Service 3 times, and there is nothing about advertising, other than policies can change without warning, and on the faq.wordpress.com it states no javascript based ads were allowed. So I am covered on both fronts, however if Matt or one of the admin ask me to remove them I will. It’s not really like I’m making huge cash off of them on this site considering I only have 717 hits. Well I guess thats my post for now.

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RIAA Orders Dancers to Stop Dancing

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Well it seems that the RIAA is at it again. This week it has been reported that the RIAA is sending "Cease and Desist" orders to people who are dancing to copy written music on popular video sites such as YouTube and Google Video. With this action, the RIAA is saying that if someone records a Prom Dance with people dancing to popular song, that person can not put it online for the public to see. Since the people making these video's are technically using copy written music without proper licenses or permission, the RIAA is correct. Aside from the technical reasons of this action, the music industry must start using common sense.

The music industry, might want to bring up a rule of thumb, such as:

If a person makes money off of the use of a copy written song, they should have to pay a percentage of the money made to the artist of the song.

This rule of thumb will never take hold since the way the music industry is going all they want is money, since they are blaming the internet piracy for their slumping sales. Internet idiots dancing to Britney Spears music, should not be charged for that use, if they are stupid enough not only to listen to that music, but record themselves dancing to it, is a punishment in itself. Joking aside, what would be the next step from the RIAA? Charging DJ's for playing songs in clubs, school dances, and weddings?

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Microsoft is looking to cash in on Vista now?

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Well every since Microsoft released the newest Beta version of Windows Vista, people have been scrambling to download it. However, due to the high demand from us geeks, the Microsoft servers have been slammed, back on June 9th, Chris Pirillo posted a report, claiming it was from Microsoft’s own Aaron Coldiron. In this report, Chris asked,

When I asked why they couldn’t just seed it as a torrent (BitTorrent), Aaron responded:

There are legal and privacy issues which unfortunately make that not an option for Microsoft to officially sponsor a BitTorrent. I really wish we could do it, but we can’t. If someone [seeds or downloads a torrent] we can’t guarantee that they’ve got an unaltered copy, etc.

 So what did Chris Pirillo and a friend do? They offered a torrent tracker of Vista for public download. By offeing this torrent Chris was helping Microsoft by allowing people to download Vista via a torrent instead of directly from Microsoft, or spending $10 to order a DVD of the Beta build. 

Well what happened today, Chris posted he had received a "Cease and Desist" email, asking them to remove the torrent. Why would Microsoft do this? Chris was actually helping Microsoft create buzz about Vista, and probably saving MS money on server costs, not like it matters.

Well my thought is MS realized if someone would offer a torrent, they are now losing money because people aren't spending the 10 bucks to order the DVD. I think this is truely the reason for the Cease and Desist email, its not like Chris was serving a cracked, hacked, or changed version of the Vista build. Chris Pirillo is one of the most well known people on the Internet, so he would of been the one of the only people I would of downloaded it from.

So instead of using a technology that is changing the face of file distribution and creating a buzz with those that are technically advanced, MS is still following its old standards, and wants to rape it's users by trying to force their users to buy DVD's. In my opinion, thats not the right way to go.

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Digg.com Expanding it’s view?

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Well today Valleywag, published screenshots for Digg.com Version 3. These screenshots show that Digg will be expanding it's subject matter, to include World News and Business News just to name a few. Will it work? I doubt it, I stopped posting at digg a while ago, the comment nazi's and childish people have ruined it for me. You could post something, that you found interesting and this small group of people will rip the post apart, call it lame or pass you off as a spammer.

I wish people would just grow up, but in this day and age, that is very doubtfull. So will expanding the scope of Digg, help this problem, no, it'll also expand the scope of these people who will hate anything anyone posts unless they are in their core group of important people. So will I get excited about this? No way! Will I stop in and check it out, yeah I guess I will, but I won't follow it everyday, or even read these lame comments, that are floated about.

My opinion as of right now, is this is just a way for the ownership group to get Digg more mainstream, so they can sell it off at a high price, and become lore in the history of the internet. They will be the ones who created a great application, until "plug your own major company here" bought it and ruined it. 

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End of the world as we know it

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Now I know it’s, really not but when you see a Paris Hilton music video, you know the end must be near. If you feel like torturing yourself head over to YouTube, here

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Spam For YOU!

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Well after checking my stats for this site, I noticed that I had my first Spam comment of the website. Akismet caught it but I have had a total of 7 views since I started this blog, and one of them was a spam comment. I must be lucky that it took the Spammers this long to get to my site, but its kind of odd, isn’t the point of spamming, to get some poor fool to click your link? How many people do you think are going to click that link when total page views are under 10? These people must not be the sharpest knives in the drawer. Well after 5 days, I get one comment spam. Anyways I thought I’d pass this info along.

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