Google Ads on Netscape.com?

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Well I was over at Netscape, reading comments when a strange thing happened I noticed an advertisement. This doesn’t happen very often since I have learned to ignore them over the hundreds of hours I spend surfing. The strange thing was that it was a Google ads box on Netscape.

The thing is why Google ads? Doesn’t Netscape, which is owned by AOL, compete with Google in most places? A few things popped into my head about this, is this a small step towards Google and AOL working together? Maybe, and it might help AOL in the long run if that happens. Another thought was this could be the way Jason Calacanis would pay the submitters $1000 dollars a month. Just run Google ads, shove the money they make into an account and pay the submitters from that Account.

It’s just odd to see a large company like AOL supportand promote a competitors product.

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A Web Editor Group Needed?

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I thought popped into my head after reading my last rambling post, why hasn’t someone come up with Editors for Hire. What I mean is that someone could get a group of Writers, or Editors, or even English(or whatever language you use) Lit Students together, and allow bloggers like myself to record a mp3 file of what they want to publish and the Editor, will write it up and send it back to the blogger, for them to post, for a slight fee. Probably the best bet would be a flat rate, per month like $10 a month. I don’t know if it would work or if it would be popular, I know I would think about using it.

Yeah I know some people like to have their blog post written by them, but I always hear, “So-an-So blog is written so unprofessionally.” or “I wish people would learn to write.” when people look at blogs, myself I don’t care to much I don’t claim to be a professional writer, and that is obvious.

If you are someone who reads this and puts it into action let me know and I will help you test it, 😉

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