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Well it’s been a while since I last posted here so I think I will try and bring this site back to life.

To start off I have to applaud Google’s additions to it’s Book Search. I really love the add it to my Library feature. That way you can keep track of all the books you have read or own. One drawback with using Google Book Search’s “my Library” feature is the way they allow you to import multiple books by adding the books ISBNs. When you import multiple books using the ISBN and Google has a problem with that ISBN or can’t find it, it doesn’t tell you which book failed to be added to your library, it just tells you “X number” of books imported.

A few things that have impressed me with Google Book Search’s “my Library” is the ability to tag each book(which is great for main characters), the “about this book” feature gives you plenty of information about the book such as:

  1. Popular Passages
  2. Summary of Book
  3. Publishing Info
  4. User generated Reviews of the book
  5. Uses Google’s Maps to map out all place within the book.

Just to name a few things, also Google has a full/partial/snippet view of books, depending on its permission’s.

With Google’s foray into the books I thought I would bring up a site I used to use all the time its called LibraryThing. Here is their own explantion of what LibraryThing is:

LibraryThing is an online service to help people catalog their books easily. You can access your catalog from anywhere—even on your mobile phone. Because everyone catalogs together, LibraryThing also connects people with the same books, comes up with suggestions for what to read next, and so forth.

I’m not ready to go into LT too deeply but to say it is extremely easy to use, and a good site. However if LibraryThing and Google Book Search can combine their sites, I think you would have an outstanding Book site. Just my opinion there folks.

Here is the feed for my library from Google.

This is my LibraryThing catalog of books, and this is my feed for recently added books in LibraryThing.

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WordPress’ mobile version

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The last two post I made I used the Mobile WordPress, designed to allow people to post to their WordPress.com Blogs via a mobile phone or blackberry, I actually like it for writing posts without links, Images and all the extra little stuff that blogs have, its clean, slick and easy to use. Thank you Matt and crew.

Also I have to thank Ruff for the WordPress FireFox Search Plugin. Which I have added to my Space Photos site and here is TechRant’s plugin:
Install my wordpress search engine

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A Web Editor Group Needed?

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I thought popped into my head after reading my last rambling post, why hasn’t someone come up with Editors for Hire. What I mean is that someone could get a group of Writers, or Editors, or even English(or whatever language you use) Lit Students together, and allow bloggers like myself to record a mp3 file of what they want to publish and the Editor, will write it up and send it back to the blogger, for them to post, for a slight fee. Probably the best bet would be a flat rate, per month like $10 a month. I don’t know if it would work or if it would be popular, I know I would think about using it.

Yeah I know some people like to have their blog post written by them, but I always hear, “So-an-So blog is written so unprofessionally.” or “I wish people would learn to write.” when people look at blogs, myself I don’t care to much I don’t claim to be a professional writer, and that is obvious.

If you are someone who reads this and puts it into action let me know and I will help you test it, 😉

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Pay for Submissions Discussion

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Well over the last couple of day, 8 actually, there has been a debate in the blogosphere about paying top users, of submission sites, money. Jason Calacanis started this discussion about paying the top 20 users from Digg, Reddit, Flickr, and Newsvine a Thousand dollars a month to submit stories to Netscape in the post Paying the top Digg, Reddit, Flickr, Newsvine users (or “$1,000 a month for doing what you’re already doing.”). Well Kevin Rose of Digg, has started to rebuff Jason’s proposal, with what some people see as personal attacks on his blog and the DiggNation podcast. While
Michael Arrington of TechCrunch thinks it i”s a sign of desperation more than anything” in his Huge Red Flag at Netscape post.

Now I know there are alot of people who have weighed in on this subject such as Leo Laporte and Mark Glaser just to name a few, and all those comments on sites such as Digg and Netscape. I think I will add my 2 cents in.

Lets take Jason’s proposal at face value, he will pay users $1000 a month to submit 150 stories a month. To me right off the bad I think this is a good thing, because who wouldn’t like a grand for doing something they are already doing? I know I’m a cheap bastard too. Will he also pay people like myself who are one of Netscape’s Top Contributors? It doesn’t matter either way, will I take the money? Hell yes!

So I established I would take the deal, what would the effects on my submissions be? I would most likely be submitting more stories, since some part of me thinks I need to do more for the money, and it could change the types of stories I submit. Change the types of stories? Yuppers, think about it, I’m getting paid to submit stories, since that happens I want to have alot of votes on my stories so they get some bang for their buck, and which stories get the best votes? Politics and heated discussions, like this one, I could start surfing the political blogs looking for people bashing Democrats or people bash the Republicans, or posts about how good/bad the war in Iraq is, and I would most likely get a lot of votes and plenty of comments. That just isn’t how I post stories, I find stories that I find interesting, odd, funny, or strange, and submit them. I doubt I would change the types of submissions I would make because I am a bullhead person who doesn’t change much, but there is a possiblity.

Now on the the arguement that some people are making that some how this is going to make Netscape bigger than Digg or better, thats just a side topic that doesn’t have any bearing on the money issue. If Netscape were to take the top 20 poster to the four previously mentions sites, that would be only 80 people among millions. It is not going to hurt any of those sites since most people already know about them, the only thing this would do would be make the submissions better on Netscape, and get those 80 people paid.

As far as the “personal” attacks, I could see where that comes from, Kevin Rose lead the way building Digg to become the monster it is, from the ground up and here comes Jason with AOL money behind him promoting a similiar site. That could explain the “personal” attacks, are they needed no, but hey to each their own. Is it a PR stunt as Kevin states, probably a little one, since it has gotten Netscape’s link out there. Hey you can’t blame the guy, he’s just trying to get his site noticed.

In my opinion, there is room for both Digg and Netscape in the land of news submission, but like two siblings they are sniping at each other. So I will support the paid submissions because who doesn’t need an extra grand a month other than Bill Gates. It will be interesting seeing how this discussion goes on.

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Second life rant.

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Well after reading Robert Scoble’s posted about being banned from Linden Lab’s Second Life, I thought I would post my thoughts on Second Life itself. I just don’t get second life, well maybe its because I don’t want to spend any money on it, or I have yet to meet anyone on there. It is a pretty interesting concept, an adult virtual world where people can network, fall in love or do business. I will continue to try and get it, if any of you out there have any suggestions, let them be known.

I guess I will say something about Mr. Scoble’s troubles since I am using a trackback to his post. I was actually watching his podcast, on the Gnomedex 6.0 video feed after Senator John Edwards’ speech, Robert’s son seemed to be having a good time building for his father. As far as Robert’s account being banned, I think Linden Lab’s did the correct thing. In his post Robert said he and his son had been warned before about this activity, so they knew it was coming. I can’t believe Robert suggested his son access his account at Gnomedex, while it was being projected on the big screen. I have one word to say about that: STUPID. Sorry Robert, but you were, oh well its water under the bridge now, maybe you won’t make the same mistake twice.

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Browsers, RSS Readers and OPML, Oh My!

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I thought I would let everyone know what I am using everyday to surf the web, and get things done. I know there are hundreds of applications out there, but I am just going to over the applications I am using to get things done and what I think of them.


FireFoxLike most people out there I am using FireFox, I use it mainly because it has the tabbed browsing. You see I like to open links in new windows, so I can stay on the orginal page, while viewing the sites or articles that the author is linking to. If I were to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer, I would have tens of windows in my taskbar. Also I guess I am an anti-fanboy of Microsoft, but those feelings are subsiding with age I guess. Now some of the extension's I have with my Firefox installation are StumbleUpon, and Skype Sidebar.

  • StumbleUpon is a extension that adds an extra toolbar to your browser, so that you can automatically stumble upon different websites that are included in the database. This is a great feature if you are like me, and like to find and read new/different websites.
  • The Skype Sidebar extension allows me to have access to the skype program, inside of my browser. For those unfamiliar with Skype I will cover it further down in the article.


ThunderbirdI use a combination of email services. I use Gmail for a email address that I sign up for websites and other options, while I use Thunderbird view my POP3 email that comes with my internet access. I do this because my POP3 address only goes to friends and family. Which means I don't get alot of spam, or unwanted emails, while with the GMail account I use their spam filters, which catch about 95% of all Spam.


Google ReaderWell these days you need to have a Feed Reader. What a feedreader does is take the RSS, Atom, or OPML file, and updates the program to allow you read multiple websites in one program. There are plenty of these programs out there, but I like using Google's Reader. This is an online feedreader, which mean it will follow you no matter where you are as long as you have internet access and a browser. I like it because of the online feature, plus it allows me to "Label" my feeds. Labels as Google calls them are just tags/categories for your feeds. So I can have my Tech feeds grouped together while my Space feeds are grouped seperately. Google Reader is fairly easy to work with, and I have only ran into a problem accessing it once, but that was due to Google updating it's server.

Antivirus/Firewall/Spyware Removal:

avast!I happen to use avast! antivirus for my AV protection. I use avast! because first its free for personal use, secondly it updates fairly often, and has yet to fail me. While it isn't a depature from other AV software, I like and suggest others use it.

For a Firewall I use ZoneAlarm's free version, have you happened to notice I like free stuff but who doesn't? It's prettyZone Alarm straight forward for usage, you allow programs to access the internet through the program.One feature I like is the Lock Internet Activities, this feature locks all programs from accessing the Internet, which is great for me since I leave my computer on almost all the time, and is a safety provision I use.

For a spyware removal tool, I use Lavasoft's Ad-aware SE Personal. Ad-aware finds most if not all of the spyware on my computer. If my computer starts to act differently than it has before I usually do a reset, if the odd activities continue I will do a spyware scan, and an Antivirus scan. This usually takes care of 99% of all problems I run into.


Well lately I don't use instant messengers, but the 2 I do use are MSN Messenger and Google Talk. Not much to reportXfire on these that most people don't know already. So I won't.There is one Messenger I will talk briefly about, that is XFire. XFire is a gaming IM program that also collects game useage, server info and a few other things. Xfire allows gamers to find and play with their friends. I use it sometimes, I enjoy it, so if you play online games give it a look, so you can keep track of friends and enemies.


SkypeOk this is where things get interesting. I use Skype, for my Voice Over IP(VOIP) usage. As of right now, Skype is offering free calls out to any number. There is an exception, Americans can only call Americans, while Canadians can only call their fellow countrymen. So when I want to call my family, or order a pizza, all I do is use skype to call, that saves minutes on my cellphone, and is easy since most likely I am sitting in front of my computer anyways.

As far as media players, I have the whole mix of them from Windows Media Player to Quicktime Player to Real Player. I'm not going to go into these since they are well known and have been reviewed and talked about else where.

I hope this gives you a slight look at what I use, and maybe I have pointed out some programs that you could use.

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