Looking to replace my old Cell Phone.

Posted on July 30, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

This will be an ongoing series of posts while I try to figure out what my next phone will be. Being the true Geek that I am, I automatically thought about getting a BlackBerry. You know why, so I surf, get emails, IM, and everything else while on the run. So I head on over to Research In Motion‘s website to get a look at all the BlackBerries available right now. So after a little searching I looked into the 8700 series, which they have 2 models of. One of them works with Cingular the 8700c and its cousin 8700g which has a major cell company of T-Mobile.


So after comparing the 2 of them I noticed they had nearly identical Spec’s. So it was time to do the ultimate comparing, checked with Cingular, and checked with T-Mobile to see what Plans were offered and what they were selling for. The prices as I am writing this are the same $299.99, however the 8700g has a $50 mail in rebate, so really it will be $349.99, both units had an instant rebate of $50.

Now on to the plans, I don’t use my phone all that much, only to check in, call for pizza, or call in sick, so a plan with 400-600 minutes should be plenty for me, plus I use skype alot also. So over at T-Mobile they had 3 plans for BlackBerry internet service and Phone, well actually 2 because one of the plans was just internet access. One plan called BlackBerry Minutes & Mail with 1000 anytime minutes was $59.99 a month with:

  • Unlimited e-mail
  • Unlimited Web browsing
  • Text messaging
  • No nationwide long-distance or roaming charges

But no nights or weekend minutes. They also had what they call
BlackBerry Minutes & Mail Ultra with 1500 anytime minutes for $79.99 a month and that includes the same as the previous plan.

Now lets head on over to the Cingular site and see what they are offering me in my area. Cingular allows you to customize your own plan, to fit your needs, so that what I did. Well I went with 900 anytime minutes with unlimited nights and weekends and rollover minutes which was $59.99 a month, then I added the BlackBerry Internet Service plan which offers unlimited Email and Internet for $29.99/month. Cingular was pushing their web storage, for emails, I didn’t need that since I should be able to check my own email without storing it with them. I chose the messaging extreme service which will give me up to 3000 messages. The thing is Cingular considers text messages and IM messages the same thing. So thats an extra $19.99 a month. Weird thing is with Cingular you have to pay for Enhanced Voice Mail which is $1.99 a month, where T-Mobile it was included for free. So the total Monthly cost with Cingular is $91.97

So if I were to chose right now it looks like T-Mobile is better, and cheaper. So this concludes part one of this series. So far it looks like I am leaning towards the 8700g with T-Mobile. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated


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5 Responses to “Looking to replace my old Cell Phone.”

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TMo basic bberry service (that is, unlimited ‘web’ email) can be added to any standard service plan for another 19.99. Enterprise/BES svc costs 29.98. ‘Get More Ultra’ is 1500 anytime + unlimited night/wkend for 59.99.

The ‘bundle’ bberry plans WERE better than combining stuff at one point — but now they seem to be equal or lesser.

TMo also allows you to switch plans at any time, up or down, no cost. Don’t know if any other carrier lets you do that.

I’ve been watching your site for a while to see if you like your service…any updates?

I have the exact same questions for Cingular & T-Mobile.
Getting information out of Cingular was impossible and I had to leverage the information about BB plans from T-Mobile’s site against Cingular before they finally acknowledged the truth.

Cingular said originally I had to pay the $44.99/mo for BB Unlimited w/ enterprise stuff. I asked if the $19.99/mo BB plan included unlimited data & web browsing with the email it offers….they would never answer me with “yes”. It was always “maybe” or “no, you need the $45 plan”

After going to T-Mobile’s site and learning what the plans REALLY mean (since CIngular’s website is completely devoid of info on it), I went back to the Cingular store and told them what I found (the truth)….they then caved and said the $19.99 plan would be fine for my own email account, web browsing, and IM.

Anyway…sorry for the book. I thought I’d lend a hand in this nonsense. I have to go with Cingular since T-Mobile’s coverage is too limited for me. I have not purchased the phone yet…but i’m on the verge…

Oops….I meant $29.99/mo not $19.99/mo …either way, it’s still better than $45/mo for services you can’t use!

doesnt cingular have better coverage tho

Amazing! This blog looks exactly like my old one!
It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

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