My thoughts on Day One of BloggerCon IV

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After spending just about all day sitting at my computer, listening to the BloggerCon webcast, then watching it via Kevin Marks, all the while reading everything on the IRC channel, and Doc Searls real time outlining, I found the first day very interesting.

First thing I want to talk about is Doc Searls and his real time outlining. Doc really kicked some butt, he was using the OPML Editor, to do the outlining. Doc got just about everything talked about written down, it may not be well written, but it has all the information discussed. I'm betting Doc must of been weary yesterday, after all that intense listening, and typing. Big Thanks go out to Doc

The webcast and video feed were nice, it allows average people, such as myself, to see and hear how some of these "A-list" bloggers interact with each other. Dave Winer has some info on how to tune into the webcast for today. The IRC was pretty nice and high powered. A few names gracing the IRC channel were Robert Scoble, live from his home, Chris Pirillo, Jason Calacanis, Matt Mullenweg, and Nick Douglas, just to name a few. There were a few things I didn't like about the IRC, such as when Scoble said something, all of a sudden it was a get to know Scoble channel. I know it's not Roberts fault, and it was kind of nice to see him talk live, but it wasn't the point of the channel. Then there was the arguement between Dave Winer and a user named McD. While Dave did have a good point about McD bashing people without have the guts to publish his real name. I didn't think the IRC channel was the place to continue the snarking. Dave wouldn't let it go, but I don't know the whole story behind it. Overall though the IRC channel had some really good discussions on the topic being discussed.

Now on to the conference, I do have to say the best session was the Emotional Life session hosted by Lisa Williams. The MP3 of the Session is here, the docNography is here. It was very good to here some of the better bloggers out there talk about why they blog, how they blog about emotional issues, and how they deal with comments. If you can only listen to one MP3 from the first day this is the one.

The worst Session in my opinion was the Standards for Users session hosted by Niall Kennedy. MP3 is located here, with the docNography here. While it wasn't really Niall's fault, because his session got hijacked right off the bat by Dave Winer. You see Dave wanted Niall to explain the RSS to the people, Dave said it would only take about 5 minutes, then there was a discussion about that for about 10 minutes, then the discussion of RSS took about 10 to 15 more minutes. The thing is Dave and Niall discussed this over lunch and Niall shot Dave down, but I Dave thought it was important enough to ask the attendees, I guess. While there were a few discussions about standards, especially a standard format for exporting user data from blogging software and programs like Flickr.

A couple of moments in the session was Marc Canter getting a shameless plug in for his newest venture, without saying a word. They were discussing how to get data out of Flickr, he made his point and then turned his back to the crowd showing the back of his T-shirt advertising his current venture, People Aggregator. Another moment was during the discussion, those of us who were watching the video feed got an interesting view. Someone was nice enough to capture it and share it with the world.

Video SHot From BloggerCon IV

You can image we were very happy with this view.

The first day had it's up's and down's for me, but over all it was very interesting. I will be joining them today to listen in and I hope it is as interesting as yesterday. So far for my first conference, it has been an interesting and educational experience, and I am glad I am taking part in this virtual way


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[…] Thanks to Monkey Bites and TechRants for giving their thumbs up to the Emotional Life of Blogging session I led yesterday at Bloggercon. Liz Henry liveblogged. Thanks again to Dave for bringing us all together and launching the unconference model. These are truly low-BS events. […]

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