RIAA Orders Dancers to Stop Dancing

Posted on June 16, 2006. Filed under: Rants |

Well it seems that the RIAA is at it again. This week it has been reported that the RIAA is sending "Cease and Desist" orders to people who are dancing to copy written music on popular video sites such as YouTube and Google Video. With this action, the RIAA is saying that if someone records a Prom Dance with people dancing to popular song, that person can not put it online for the public to see. Since the people making these video's are technically using copy written music without proper licenses or permission, the RIAA is correct. Aside from the technical reasons of this action, the music industry must start using common sense.

The music industry, might want to bring up a rule of thumb, such as:

If a person makes money off of the use of a copy written song, they should have to pay a percentage of the money made to the artist of the song.

This rule of thumb will never take hold since the way the music industry is going all they want is money, since they are blaming the internet piracy for their slumping sales. Internet idiots dancing to Britney Spears music, should not be charged for that use, if they are stupid enough not only to listen to that music, but record themselves dancing to it, is a punishment in itself. Joking aside, what would be the next step from the RIAA? Charging DJ's for playing songs in clubs, school dances, and weddings?


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One Response to “RIAA Orders Dancers to Stop Dancing”

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The RIAA is a sham. These are people who would sue drivers that play their music too loudly with the window down because the other drivers have not bought the right to listen to the music. In my belief, music is transmitted via air and no one can own the right to listen to it or not. The only thing you can buy is the means to transmit or emulate the sound. I think its high time they stop pulling hairs on this issue. Instead of figuring out ways to sue people out of their money, they should figure out a way to generate revenue with the new free share of music. Personally, I believe music should be free since there is really no way to end the free exchange of music through the internet via delivery of video feeds, P2P software, or profile sites. Artists sample so much anymore that all of the music that is written has virtually been written before. I think the world stage places too much value on things that are essentially worthless. There are plenty of musicians that are moonlighters, and if you are a full-time musician, there are plenty of ways to tour and perform. Music is all about the performance, just like acting. Maybe this will mean the end of commercial music recording, I think it should be. If you want to get your message to the world and have it heard over and over again, is that the listener’s responsibility or your own? CDs are overpriced anyway. The only cost of producing a recording is the equipment and operators. The recording industry should be a non-profit industry–the artists should get any profit to be made. At the prices these days, I know I’m not going to risk twenty bucks on an artist I don’t know that I like. In short–the recording industry is the culprit–they kill music.

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