Microsoft is looking to cash in on Vista now?

Posted on June 14, 2006. Filed under: Rants |

Well every since Microsoft released the newest Beta version of Windows Vista, people have been scrambling to download it. However, due to the high demand from us geeks, the Microsoft servers have been slammed, back on June 9th, Chris Pirillo posted a report, claiming it was from Microsoft’s own Aaron Coldiron. In this report, Chris asked,

When I asked why they couldn’t just seed it as a torrent (BitTorrent), Aaron responded:

There are legal and privacy issues which unfortunately make that not an option for Microsoft to officially sponsor a BitTorrent. I really wish we could do it, but we can’t. If someone [seeds or downloads a torrent] we can’t guarantee that they’ve got an unaltered copy, etc.

 So what did Chris Pirillo and a friend do? They offered a torrent tracker of Vista for public download. By offeing this torrent Chris was helping Microsoft by allowing people to download Vista via a torrent instead of directly from Microsoft, or spending $10 to order a DVD of the Beta build. 

Well what happened today, Chris posted he had received a "Cease and Desist" email, asking them to remove the torrent. Why would Microsoft do this? Chris was actually helping Microsoft create buzz about Vista, and probably saving MS money on server costs, not like it matters.

Well my thought is MS realized if someone would offer a torrent, they are now losing money because people aren't spending the 10 bucks to order the DVD. I think this is truely the reason for the Cease and Desist email, its not like Chris was serving a cracked, hacked, or changed version of the Vista build. Chris Pirillo is one of the most well known people on the Internet, so he would of been the one of the only people I would of downloaded it from.

So instead of using a technology that is changing the face of file distribution and creating a buzz with those that are technically advanced, MS is still following its old standards, and wants to rape it's users by trying to force their users to buy DVD's. In my opinion, thats not the right way to go.


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