Digg.com Expanding it’s view?

Posted on June 14, 2006. Filed under: Rants |

Well today Valleywag, published screenshots for Digg.com Version 3. These screenshots show that Digg will be expanding it's subject matter, to include World News and Business News just to name a few. Will it work? I doubt it, I stopped posting at digg a while ago, the comment nazi's and childish people have ruined it for me. You could post something, that you found interesting and this small group of people will rip the post apart, call it lame or pass you off as a spammer.

I wish people would just grow up, but in this day and age, that is very doubtfull. So will expanding the scope of Digg, help this problem, no, it'll also expand the scope of these people who will hate anything anyone posts unless they are in their core group of important people. So will I get excited about this? No way! Will I stop in and check it out, yeah I guess I will, but I won't follow it everyday, or even read these lame comments, that are floated about.

My opinion as of right now, is this is just a way for the ownership group to get Digg more mainstream, so they can sell it off at a high price, and become lore in the history of the internet. They will be the ones who created a great application, until "plug your own major company here" bought it and ruined it. 


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