Centralized Operating Systems?

Posted on June 9, 2006. Filed under: Reviews |

YouOS, a web operating system, which allows you to run a wide range of applications via a web browser. Applications that range from Instant Messengers to MP3 players to Word Processors, Right now YouOS is a very early release, just so the developers can show off their work. The program is based off of JavaScript, so people can try and develop addtional applications for YouOS.

Most of the applications are very limited, due to its early version, their default email application will only send and receive emails to other YouOS users, their default Instant Messenger is the same way. There are other applications that do contact outside messenger services and web services.

It’s still too early to do a full review since most of the applications are limited. However this program has gotten me to think of all the possibilities for future use. Could we be using this type of application, to have an operating system that follows you from computer to computer? Thats a possibility, what about a business, where the business could have all their employees work using this type of centralized operating system, would it save money? Most likely. What other products could run this? Cell Phones, televisions, and even portable gaming systems, like the Nintendo DS. I could see a program like this that will allow people to map a "hard drive" into it, where a person could use their webserver as a hard drive to save personal data. A downside of this type of program is security. All a person would have to do is gain access to the database and this person would have access to the files of all users.

YouOS is not ready for prime time as of right now but it could be something to keep an eye on. Could Google be working on something like this? Google already has an Email program, notebook, instant messenger, spreadsheet application, calendar, photo oragnizer, RSS reader, a desktop search, and now a Google Browser Sync, there are plenty of applications now all Google has to do is wrap them all up under one program.

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