Qumana and Adgenta Quick Review

Posted on June 7, 2006. Filed under: Reviews |

In my never ending quest to find new or different programs to use, I ran across the Qumana's Desktop Blog Editior. The Editor, is supposed toClick here for Qumana make life easier to bloggers around the world, by making the graphic interface standard for users. The Blog Manager as Quamana calls it allows you to post to multiple blogs. This works well in my limited useage so far. I have posted to my Space Photos blog, and this blog with Qumana's Blog Editor, with no problems so far.

Now what makes this progam so good to use? Qumana's Editor has all the normal word processing items such as blockquotes, bold, underline, along with the ability to isrt pictures and links. Nothing special there right? Right, the editor allows you to view the source of the post, select categories, publish it, or save it as a draft. The category sidebar is nice, unless you have hundreds of categories like I do over at Space Photos, I have the categories sorted, and Qumana did not pick those up but listed all categories alphabetically, which was rough but it worked.

A few things I did enjoy seeing, is the Inset Tags button at the top of the post form, you can click the button and input you tags or keywords, and the editor insets the tags into the post already linked to Technorati.com. Which is nice, I have not yet found a way to edit that button to include other tagging services other than changing the source.One feature that is also nice, a spell check, we all know how that works so I won't go further into it. Another item I am interested in was the Insert Ad button, by clicking this button the editor insets a Adgenta ad, which is called Q-Ads.

Q-Ads are png-based ads that are dynamically served and created, which means they are dynamic images, which gets around the AdgentaWordPress.com limit on JavaScripts. I haven't seen much of it yet, but it seems interesting, and I will try it out and see if I get any hits.Adgenta pays out monthly at $20 USD. So once you get 20 bucks in a month they will send you either a check or send it to your Paypal account. That's a nice little bonus, I wish yahoo and google would offer the same choices, check or Paypal. I will update you all further on this.

With the Qumana Editor, when you install it, it also installs a feature they call a drop-pad, where you can highlight and drag links and images into it and then publish it as a post, I will try this feature out later with this blog, it may not be tech related but it will be interesting.

So to sum things up, the editor seems to work well, I'll update everyone with what I think in a couple of weeks, while I use it to post here and at my other site. If you're interested, go ahead and give it a try.

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